Uncovering The Museum of the Old Colony - Talk at Hampshire College, video produced by Ahmerst Media, October 2018

The Museum of the Old Colony at Hampshire College Art Gallery, 3 minute promotional video produced by Amherst Media, September 2018

Report from Independent Sources (CUNY-TV) by Judith Escalona on The Museum of the Old Colony in New York. Originally aired April 5, 2017

Roundtable Discussion on the Museum of the Old Colony
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, NYU. February 16, 2017

Arlene Davila - Cultural Anthropologist, New York University
David Gonzalez - Journalist, Sidestreet Columnist, Editor, LensBlog, NY Times
Nelson Rivera - Artist/Curator, University of Puerto Rico
Erika P. Rodriguez - Photographer

Respondent: Pablo Delano, Creator, Museum of the Old Colony, Professor of Fine Arts, Trinity College
Moderator: Ana Dopico, Director, KJCC